Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I can has crawling baby!

Before The Fry got sick last month, he was really into finger foods!

Now they are all over our floor. We have a special brush and dustpan that we use just for cleaning up finger foods off the floor. Here we have little cooked macaroni noodles.

Egg yolks are tasty and easy to eat, but difficult to get in the mouth.

Mostly, we just like cheerios. We even have a preferred brand of them! Thank goodness it's generic!

Look at that smug lil' grin!

But not as smug as this one!

He eats in his swing because it has a tray and also because we feel like it'll be a little pointless to buy a high chair when we'll only be using it for another 6 weeks before we move (saving more info for another post). There's a toy that attaches to the tray, and sometimes I forget to take it off:

Lately, he's been pushing himself on his hands and knees (!) to crawl. Of course, the only picture I could get of him crawling has "evil eyes".

He only really "scoots" forward once before he flops back down again.
He rather likes lying on his back, and since he's content to roll on the floor and is mobile enough to get what he wants, he's in no hurry to crawl. Furthermore, he resists sitting up at all because it requires him to be still. He does not like being still (unless he is being held - and even that is a challenge)!

Today we're having fun with one of our favorite toys - Mr. Crab!

Okay, well that is PapaFish's sock. But Mr. Crab is waiting to be picked up and drooled on!

That's better!

And that's good, too!

Look at those luscious locks!

Say hi to Grandma and Grandpa!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial Day, Everyone!

We didn't do much for Memorial Day. One of our good friends stayed with us overnight on Saturday night and we gave her lots of baby things for her little one! It was very relieving to make some more space in our house by getting rid of a couple boxes of stuff we won't be using again for a while.

On Sunday, The Fry got sick with a bad cold. It was MamaFish's first day off from work in quite some time. She had been really, really looking forward to laying around the house crocheting and getting some sleep. Then on Tuesday, MamaFish's other day off, PapaFish caught the cold, too! So MamaFish was taking care of two sick guppies over her four-day weekend.

Therefore, Memorial Day was spent at home. We grilled some sweet corn and salmon. It was THE BEST!!!

Our apartment buildings have these spiffy grills that we all share. They are first-come, first-serve and people are always using them.

PapaFish cleaned it before we grilled, of course. But then again, we grilled everything in foil packets!

Look at that handsome PapaFish!

The Fry and MamaFish hang out together. It was an overcast day, but The Fry wore a hat just in case.

We enjoyed sitting on the grass, but we ate lunch at the picnic tables.

As for the salmon recipe, it goes a little like this:

1. Place salmon down on dull side of foil.

2. Sprinkle both sides of the salmon with salt and pepper (to taste). Leave the skin on so it can cook well in its own oil.

3. Sprinkle a tiny bit of lemon juice or white vinegar (we used vinegar) on one side of the salmon.

4. Sprinkle a little bit of dried dill over the salmon.

4. Fold the foil packet closed and cook until the salmon until the flesh is opaque and flakes easily, about 140 degrees Fahrenheit.