Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Chef Fry: Bean Sprout Soup

Last week, TheFry’s nursery school class went on a “field trip” to the farmer’s market that happens every Monday in front of their building.  I gave him 1,000 won (about one dollar) and he bought a big bag of bean sprouts, a potato, and an onion.


He was super excited about his purchase, and he was even more excited to put on his apron and prepare one of his favorite foods with the ingredients: Bean Sprout Soup (콩나물국).


Normally the soup does not call for onion or potato, and actually I recommend against using them, as this particular soup tasted somewhat off.  The recipe I like to use (as always whenever I cook Korean food!) is from Aeri’s Kitchen.


This soup has a really mild flavor (especially if you remove the anchovies!) and TheFry will eat it for any meal on almost any day of the week.  Serve it with rice and some dried seaweed and it makes a tasty meal for any preschooler.


Here’s a video of us preparing the soup.  I hope you enjoy it!


Cutest. Chef. Ever.


Fauna said...

He is the cutest chef ever! I can't wait til J can help cook too^^