Saturday, July 2, 2011

TheFry’s Art Projects

TheFry takes four classes at his nursery school in addition to their normal program: art, P.E., music, and English.  We pay about 60,000 won per month for these for classes in addition to his tuition fees, which altogether isn’t really that much.


So anyway, he comes home with a big bag of art projects and English books at the end of each month.  We stow the story books on his bookshelf, look through the English activity books and kind of laugh at how hard they work to make 2-year-olds fill out workbooks (and I can laugh because I have to do this as part of my job, too – so I share TheFry’s teachers’ pain).  We laugh even harder, however, at the cute and sometimes strange little art projects the kids do every now and then.

animal foods

In this first one they learned about what animals eat, I guess.

squirrel nuts

I think he might have mistaken the peanut for something else…?


  animal hats

They made these cute felt headbands with different detachable animal faces.


Animal poo

This one of the different shapes of animal poo is probably my favorite.

animal poo rabbit

Poor rabbit.



Not sure what’s going on in this picture…maybe he’s making a guard dog?  It looks like a bald, earless sheep. ^^;;



Also not sure what’s going on in this picture of the hairy legs.  There was another picture of a town that I think he was supposed to stamp, so maybe he stamped the wrong picture.


TheFry is in the Korean Police!



Prepare to be arrested with real plastic handcuffs and beaten with wiffle-bat-esque nightstick!